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At Tides we offer support for families coping with the death of someone special to them. Children and adolescents from pre-school to age 18 and their adult family members come together to share their grief in a supportive setting. Our mission is to provide safe and nurturing peer support programming for children, adolescents and their families who have experienced the death of a loved one.

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Please sign-up for the seminar HERE.

Tides will be providing a one day seminar for professionals and members of the community interested in learning more about how grief displays itself at the various developmental ages. The training will also focus on how as adults we can be most supportive of grieving children and teens. The day will conclude with a panel presentation consisting of Tides volunteers and families who have lived and are living with loss. Participants will be given the opportunity to ask panel members questions. We hope you will join us.


  • Suzanne Thompson, M.Ed., Executive Director of Tides
  • Holly Torbic, MSW, Program Director of Tides
  • Evelyn Wald, MS, M.Div, Licensed Professional Counselor, Private Practice Counselor, Tides Clinical Consultant.

For more information, please check out the following PDF files.

Please sign-up for the seminar HERE.

The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others. -- DeAnn Hollis

We simply cannot thank our volunteers enough. We truly appreciate each and every one of you for your time and commitment to our Tides' families. Those pictured and countless others truly make a difference in many lives. You have our eternal gratitude.

An Opportunity to Double your Donation—Koch Funeral Home Announces Matching Gift Program.

Tides is honored and grateful to announce a new partnership with Koch Funeral Home in forming a matching donation program! In honor of their 100th anniversary, Koch’s is creating a Designated Fund for Tides, through The Centre Foundation. They will make a dollar-for-dollar match up to $50,000.

The timeline for this campaign began in September 2013 and will conclude once the $50,000 goal is met or no later than September 30, 2018. We expect the matching program to generate a lot of excitement with our current and future donors.

In addition, Koch Funeral Home sponsored the State College Choral Society December Colors, Double Delights winter concert on December 14th and part of the proceeds went to Tides.

Tides cannot thank Koch Funeral Home enough for their generosity and look forward to a positive partnership!

Donations received since September 2013 will be counted in the matching program.

HVGT 2014 YouTube video links

Ashley Moore: http://youtu.be/qMrFWmBJsYY
Bows: http://youtu.be/gXoefE_Ad5A
Briana Sisto: http://youtu.be/eCFi8mXHQUc
Brittany Hipp: http://youtu.be/AGQ6ps9AnLg
Curtis Ishler & Matt Greer: http://youtu.be/nHPbJCCvaTQ
Hannah Richardson: http://youtu.be/FZS75mSPHi8
Jordan Toronto: http://youtu.be/7lGlINY_DAk
Kaylee Corl: http://youtu.be/fcQnIB5iarc
Kenzie McCarter: http://youtu.be/H8eBlgC_ypA
Pia St. Pierre: http://youtu.be/kb5LcEZL5Ls
Broadway Showkids: http://youtu.be/w5izYVQYlxA  

Tides would like to extend a big welcome to our new four-legged friends and their owners from Therapy Dogs International! Our hope is these dogs will provide a source of comfort to the families we serve. Lucy, Bella, Fancy, and Moose have all spent some time recently with us during programming sessions.

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